Stoping Power is Illusion.

Watch this french MMA heavyweight confront the whole police station in Indonesia.

 French citizen – Kiane Sabet aka ‘Amokrane’, who had become notorious for his violent behavior was shot dead in Badung district, Bali, early on Monday (02/05). The dramatic confrontation ended with multiple gun shots, after he stabed one of the local officers , who were trying to arrest him. Badly wounded policeman passed away, same day in hospital.

The story is very interesting for few reasons. First of all , police were using a less lethal weapons , while trying to arrest the agressive suspect armed with knife. As you can see on that video, that didn’t worked. Probably , most of average man were unable to continue violent actions after being hit so many times , even with less lethal weapons. But this guy, was dangerous and agressive, and still able to action. I don’t know what played a key role – his MMA fighter mindset or his physical toughnes , or both of them together. But i know for sure, that illusion about stoping the attacker with one shot , should disappear immediately after watching this video.

On the other side, my own conclusion is that most important thing in stoping rage of this kind is the accuracy of hits, not the number of them. While stoping power still important when we talk about .22 comparing to .45 ACP, but the accuracy is at the top of my personal chart.

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