Woman shot while trying to attack IDF soldiers with knife (video)

Arab women grab a big knife on israeli soldiers and has been badly wounded.

Dramatic scene from Israel has been caught on dashboard camera. The video above, shows us two israeli soldiers on duty, guarding bus station. Arab woman aproaching soldiers and grab something that looks like big kitchen knife. Soldiers are moving backward while pointing they assault rifles on her. Unfortunately there is no sound in that video, so we can’t hear what the soldier shouted. As far as i see , the soldier didn’t hurry to shot.

Only when she was extremely close , shot has been fired. That 5.56 mm bullet fired from Tavor Assault Rifle on point blanc range, did the job emidiately. She was neutralized and felt down, so no additional shots were fired.

I don’t know what was the reason behind, if it’s all about terror or radical islam or just simple suicide in such original way, but it looks sad. Feel sorry for that soldier , forced to have such expirience.

According to what local news reported, she survived the shot, but she is still in very bad condition.

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